ECU-Re-Mapping and performance tune-ups

Chip tuning or ECU Remapping whats the difference

Enhancing the performance of a vehicle was coined with the the term "Chip Tuning". It was done in the 80's and 90's and involved reading modifying and programming a chip inside the engines ECU (Electronic control unit) called an Eprom (erasable programmable read-only memory). The Eprom was removed from the ECU. The eprom code was read, modified and then programmed into a new Eprom. You replaced the Eprom in the ECU and the cars performance was enhanced.

Manufacturers of add-on boxes and diesel performance boxes still use the phrase "Chip Tuning" but more about this later - A Remap is not to be confused with this inferior way of adding power to an engine.

At the time, engine control units and the procedure of chip tuning was state of the art cutting edge technology.

It is now old and the technology is prehistoric. Engine technology and it's electronic control has jumped light years ahead.

The ECU now contains software that can be read or downloaded onto a computer. The information can be changed in the form of service updates or modified tunes. The information is uploaded or programmed back into the ECU and no parts are changed.

When a vehicle manufacturer programs the engine control unit, very wide tolerances are often used. It uses a kind of one does all program. The dealer has to do this to be very tolerant of those who don't service their car or maintain it. It is also tolerant of many different countries climates, humidities and altitudes. Fuel grades are also another important consideration.

With all those limitations factored into the cars ECU it is actually compromising the vehicles performance.

A remap from Auto Code still takes many of these factors into consideration and enhances them. Polishing the tune if you like and achieving better results.

A knock on effect you can enjoy from an efficient running engine is improved fuel economy and improved derivability in the form of smoother gear changes and a much more crisp pedal response and acceleration.

Customers who have had their vehicles re-mapped often ask "Why wasn't this done at the dealer ?"