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P38 Range Rover BECM Chip Replacement

P38 Range Rover BECM repair service:

Your BECM is placed on a test bench which checks and monitors every function for correct operation.

The Becm is also tested for RF interference, volt leakage and current draw issues on all its circuits.

The main processor that Land Rover used in the BECM is now obsolete.

20 years ago I scoured the globe in search of these chips and I managed to source a large quantity. Many faults with the Becm are caused by a faulty processor, faults include battery drain, burnt outdoor lock actuators, erratic operation of the door locks and alarm, immobiliser problems. The list goes on. Having the replacement chips has enabled Auto Code to offer a 100% successful repair. The new processor is more robust than its earlier model so your BECM gets an upgrade and it is Guaranteed for 12 months. 


Becm Unlock

P38 Range Rover BECM

Range Rover P38 BECM Unlock Service: Your Becm can be unlocked and any settings changed to suit your needs.

This service can get your Range Rover out of an EKA lockout situation were the EKA code either doesn't work or is unknown.

Once the BECM has been unlocked it opens up the important security settings when connecting diagnostic equipment.

If you have a used BECM, it can be matched to your vehicle and the kilometers or mileage also matched so it doesn't write the wrong reading to your instrument cluster.

If you have already plugged in a used BECM and your instrument cluster reading has changed you can send the cluster and this can also be programmed to the correct reading.

With every unlock service the BECM is put through a complete test of all its functions to ensure it operates correctly.

If you have a lockout situation you can send your engine Ecu and a key and Auto Code can re-sync them for you so all you need to do is plug them back in and drive.

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Auto Code

Custom Performance Tuning:

Give your engine the very best, with an Auto Code custom tune. Your Auto Code custom tune will give you the benefit of increased Power, Torque, improved derivability and the added bonus of enhanced fuel economy

  • No loose boxes and wiring in the engine compartment
  • Boost pressure and air flow is optimised not tricked.
  • On board computer shows correct fuel consumption
  • Anti skid program (ESP) function is fully retained
  • Regeneration emptying of diesel particle filter (DPF) is retained
  • Correct calculation of exhaust temperature
  • Correct calculation of service interval
  • The diagnostic system and all adaptive features are retained
  • No enlarged NOx, HC, CO, CO2, Soot emissions compared with original
  • Correct calculation of exhaust temperature
You will be left wondering why it wasn't done at the factory.
performance tune up by Auto Code