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Auto Code Key Coding Service

Auto Code has many solutions for broken, corrupt or total key loss situations.

Most Makes and Models are covered. The Total Key Loss service prevents the need to replace any expensive control units. New transponder chips are programmed to start your car. Just put the transponder in your new key and start it up. Some of the services offered, supply a programmed key. A key can be supplied on models where the key code is stored in your immobiliser unit, ECU or Instrument Cluster. Providing you only had one type of key for both the doors and the ignition then you will be fine. If you had 2 separate keys, 1 for the doors and 1 for the ignition, then you will most probably have to buy a new ignition barrel. Either way, your newly programmed transponder chips will start your car, saving you a small fortune over conventional methods.

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Auto Code

Custom Performance Tuning:

Give your engine the very best, with an Auto Code custom tune. Your Auto Code custom tune will give you the benefit of increased Power, Torque, improved derivability and the added bonus of enhanced fuel economy

  • No loose boxes and wiring in the engine compartment
  • Boost pressure and air flow is optimised not tricked.
  • On board computer shows correct fuel consumption
  • Anti skid program (ESP) function is fully retained
  • Regeneration emptying of diesel particle filter (DPF) is retained
  • Correct calculation of exhaust temperature
  • Correct calculation of service interval
  • The diagnostic system and all adaptive features are retained
  • No enlarged NOx, HC, CO, CO2, Soot emissions compared with original
  • Correct calculation of exhaust temperature
You will be left wondering why it wasn't done at the factory.
performance tune up by Auto Code